Monday, 23 July 2012

Welcome to my new blog, by Poppy - Crafts and Gifts.  This is only in the start up stage so please bear with me. 
I will, in due course, be adding pictures of my hand made wood crafts which will  incorporate babies and children, newly weds and holidays including my absolute favourite Christmas!
This is a new venture for me, I left the civil service after a very long time of employment and I wanted to do something for me in addition to running around after children and trying to keep the family home in some sort of order.
For those of you who may recognise me I have a second blog and facebook page -
For now I will be adding pictures of the pins from Pin Creations and those that have inspired me to attempt to make my own wood creations and anything else I fall in love with.
With every picture I post that aren't my own I will note where the pictures have come from / ownership and maybe you will be inspired too!
I love Scandanavian, Nordic, German and New England influenced decorations which I think is very obvious.....  I hope you enjoy browsing as I have.

Take care, have a lovely day and hope to see back here again!


PS by Poppy is named after our family pet.  Poppy is the most gorgeous baby white / albino rabbit which we have had for about 3 weeks.  She was too gorgeous to resist -  very tiny, very fluffy and just adorable.

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